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CALGARYThe Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) and Free Rein Resources (Free Rein) have jointly announced the signing of a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore a commercial-scale business to produce blue hydrogen for use in heavy trucks in Alberta. Under the terms of the MOU, Free Rein will be responsible for collecting and studying data and information relating to the production and safe disposal of any CO2 produced during production, while AMTA will assess the viability of transportation, storage, and distribution. 

AMTA and Free Rein intend to complete their collaborative work by the end of 2023. If the parties determine a blue hydrogen business is feasible, they will work towards a commercial agreement. 

“The energy sector is evolving, and Free Rein is committed to being a part of this transition by being an industry leader in hydrogen production and CCUS,” said Terry McCallum, the chairman and CEO of Free Rein. “Working together with AMTA is a natural fit. Not only do we share the same vision for a low-carbon future, but our proximity and needs set the stage for a mutually beneficial business relationship.” 

“This is a forward-looking partnership at a time when commercial transportation is working to reduce our carbon footprint, “said Jude Groves, chair of AMTA’s board of directors. “As Alberta’s leading advocate for the industry, AMTA is committed to exploring technologies and innovations that enhance efficiencies and support environmental stewardship. Hydrogen will be a game-changer for our industry, and that’s why partnerships like these are so important.” 

The MOU will support the objectives of the Government of Alberta’s Hydrogen Roadmap, the province’s plan to expand and strengthen the hydrogen sector. Alberta has the resources, expertise, and technology to become a global leader in the production of clean, low-cost hydrogen. With a worldwide market estimated to be worth between $2.5 and $11 trillion by 2050, hydrogen is well-positioned to be the province’s next great energy export, fuelling jobs, investment, and economic opportunities. 

About Free Rein Resources 

Free Rein is a private oil and gas company headquartered in Calgary with multi-zone, light oil and gas play operations in the legendary Golden Spike, home to the most prolific well in Alberta’s history – Imperial Schoepp No. 1. Free Rein is in the forefront of Alberta’s energy transition. Earlier this spring, the company applied for a carbon sequestration evaluation permit to study and evaluate the suitability of the Beaverhill Lake and Basal Cambrian saline aquifers across Parkland and Leduc Counties. The goal is to build an open-access carbon hub to serve some of the province’s emitters, while allowing Free Rein to execute planned sustainable energy projects, such as blue hydrogen production. ( 


About the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) 

Founded in 1938, the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is a not-for-profit advocacy and safety training association that serves as the Voice, the Standard, and the Resource for commercial transportation in the province. AMTA offers a wide range of services to our 224,000 licensed carrier members, including regulatory updates, workplace supports, and an array of safety and training initiatives. With a strong focus, AMTA is at the forefront of the commercial transportation industry’s transformation. ( 

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