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NEWS RELEASE |  Calgary, AB | JUNE 2020 



Free Rein Resources Ltd. (“Free Rein”), a private oil and gas exploration company with operations in Central Alberta, announces the completion of the Joint Venture Partnership with Nucor Environmental Service Ltd. (“NES”) to construct a water disposal site in the Spruce Grove area in Alberta.



Nucor will begin constructing the site June 2020, and will begin operations late July 2020.

This site will commence with ‘Class II’ injection wells:

Class II: used for the injection or disposal of produced water (brine) or brine equivalent fluids and includes:

  • produced water associated with the recovery of oil, bitumen, gas, or coalbed methane

  • brine from salt cavern or solution mining operations

  • water-based pigging fluids from cleaning of collection and injection lines

  • brine reject or backwash from water softeners associated with enhanced recovery

  • water containing polymers or other chemicals for enhanced recovery

  • waste fluids from circulation during well cementing

  • CaC12 water



Fall 2020 Class 1B wells will be in operation for injection:

Class 1B: Wells used for the disposal of produced water, specific common oilfield waste streams, and waste streams meeting specific criteria:

  • saline fluids as obtained from oilfield waste processing facilities, oilfield tank washing operations, oil spill containment and recovery, or similar operations  

  • boiler blowdown water

  • liquid fraction of drilling muds, including KC1 muds, but excluding diesel inverts (in accordance with section 2.3)

  • aqueous liquid fractions of spent sweetening agents - neutralized (Cansweet 200, 300, 300SX, 500, SulphaCheck, Sulfa-scrub)

  • amine filter backwash (eg. MEA, DBA, MDEA)

  • sulphur block run-off water – neutralized

  • inorganic salts used in heat exchange medium (eg. sodium/potassium nitrates/ nitrites), properly solubilized using an existing aqueous waste stream

  • waste fluids from drilling operations (i.e. used in or originating from the wellbore)

  • spent workover or stimulation fluids (after neutralization and/or processing to recover hydrocarbons)

  • • glycol solutions as obtained from dehydration operations

  • methanol or hydro-test solutions

  • acidic or alkaline solutions (neutralized) with heavy metal concentrations at or below the levels given in Schedule 1

  • gas scrubber or absorption tower bottom liquids (neutralized) with heavy metal concentrations at or below the levels of Schedule 1

  • washing waste water (ie. detergent or soap wastes)

  • corrosion inhibitor solutions with heavy metal concentrations at or below Schedule 1levels

  • oxygen scavenger solutions with heavy metal concentrations at or below Schedule 1 levels


Nucor Environmental Services, is a Canadian-based company specializing in Abatement, Emergency Response and Industrial Cleaning. With years of experience and ingenuity on complex and demanding projects they provide a wide range of industrial and commercial services. With offices across Canada, the team at NEB is specialized and expertly trained to handle any project. They provide 24-hour service, 7 days a week and have the ability to mobilize personnel and equipment nationwide on land or on water. For more information regarding NEB, visit their website at


Call Eli Hazlehurst 1.778.9098.7031 or email at NEB today to inquire about rates and availability for all of your water disposal needs.


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